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CCBJ Vol X No 01-03: 2016 Executive Review & CCBJ Awards

CCBJ reveals its 9th annual CCBJ Business Achievement Awards recognizing 28 outstanding companies and projects. Executive articles and Q&As highlight expectations from the Trump Administration, key markets, business drivers in climate change, adaptation and resiliency and how technology, information and data is supporting decision-making and project management.

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CCBJ Vol X No 04-06: Climate Change Markets in Sewer & Wastewater

The largest single client category in driving climate adaptation and resiliency projects in terms of numbers is municipalities and more specifically those that own and manage water and wastewater facilities. Re-christened as "water resource recovery facilities" or WRRFs, wastewater treatment plants are poised to play a growing role in climate change adaptation and GHG mitigation strategies. This edition details emerging trends such as the businesses and public WRRFs positioning for a piece of regulatory-driven food waste recycling market and the fast growth in the potable reuse markets. Consulting firms describe a wide range of climate change projects, from initial GHG management projects that cost as little as $5,000 to projects in the $1 million to $3 million range. As in other sectors, climate change is more and more commonly integrated into larger upgrades or master planning efforts, but few projects go without adaptation planning.

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