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CCBJ Vol VII No 04-06: Energy Efficiency & Green Buildings

A complete review of market drivers, trends and competitor types in the energy efficiency and green buildings segments of the climate change industry. CCBJ's $56 billion U.S. energy efficiency market in 2013 includes $47.5 billion in equipment, devices, appliances and systems and $8.8 billion in specialty services for EE, smart grid and demand response. Recent annual growth in these EE&DR segments has been relatively modest, and aggregate annual growth of about 4% is forecast. CCBJ estimates the green buildings market at $76 billion in 2013, so together the two segments made up $124 billion or 43% of the $287 billion U.S. climate change industry in 2012. Pursuing these markets-and the larger opportunities worldwide-is a diffuse collection of manufacturers, service providers, engineers, consultants, financial institutions, system integrators, contractors and other solutions providers profiled and interviewed in this special edition of CCBJ.

Table of Contents

01.Energy Efficiency Overview: Data and Technology Use Grows in a Tight Marketpg 1

02.Green Building Overview: Penetration Continues but Incentives Need Alignmentpg 7

03.Property-Assessed Clean Energy to Finance an Energy Revolutionpg 14

04.Stanford Flunks CHP, Opts For Grid Power and Combined Heat and Coolingpg 20

05.Q&A with Jay Black, Director of Sustainability for SL Greenpg 24

06.Energy Efficiency Remains a Challenge in Multi-Family Environmentpg 27

07.Siemens BPS Sees Pent-Up Demand in U.S. Marketpg 30

08.Schneider Electric Sells Energy & Sustainability Services on a Broad Platformpg 31

09.Growth in Smart Building Systems and Building Automation Systemspg 34

10.UK Energy Efficiency Programs Making Progresspg 36

11.Q&A with visionary Ed Mazria, Founder and CEO of Architecture 2030pg 40

12.FirstFuel Wins Federal and Utility Business with Remote Auditing Softwarepg 42

13.Efficiency Grid Targets Hotel HVAC Loads With Wireless Networked Controlspg 44

14.Measurabl Targets Sustainability Standards in Commercial Real Estatepg 46

15.Weather Analytics Uses Data to Improve Building Efficiencypg 47

Exhibits included in this issue:

  • U.S. Energy Efficiency & Demand Response Industry, 2011-2013 ($bil)
  • Navigant's U.S. Advanced Energy Market, 2011-2013 ($mil)
  • CCBJ's U.S. and Global Climate Change Industry in 2012 ($bil)
  • U.S. Building Revenue in Advanced Energy: 2011-2013
  • Summary Statistics For LBNL Surveyed On-Bill Financing Programs
  • Energy Efficiency System Leaders: 2008-2013 (Revenues in $bi
  • DOE's Better Buildings Challenge Floor Area by Market Sector
  • Growth in Technology Needed to Meet EU nZEB Goals
  • Growth in Green Building Activity by Firms (2009-2015 Expected)
  • The U.S. Green Building Industry 2010-2013 ($mil)
  • ENR Top Green Design Firms in 2012
  • Gen Y Shifting American Demands for Housing and Planning
  • PACE Projects by Building Type and Type of Improvement 2009-2014
  • Cumulative PACE Project Financings in $Million
  • Connecticut CEFIA EE & Renewable Power Projects: Deals Completed May 2014
  • Energy Efficiency Results From Multi-Family Leading Programs
  • Enabling Information Technology for Buildings: Global Revenue in $Mil
  • UK Energy Consumption by Sector 2005-2011 (in Gigawatt Hours)
  • U.S. Energy Consumption by Sector 2011-2040 (in quadrillion Btu)
  • Annual U.S. Retail Price of Electricity: Residential & Industrial, 1960-2012
  • No of US Commercial Buildings, 2012


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