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CCBJ Vol VIII No 10-12: U.S. Local Government Market for Climate Resilience Consulting

While most projects are still small, the local government market for climate resilience and adaptation services is evolving rapidly. Larger consulting projects can exceed $500,000, and hundreds of millions are going to food protection projects in vulnerable regions, especially New York. Active frms typically report fve to 10 FTEs engaged in U.S. climate resilience work. Changing analyses of food risks and risk-based valuations of coastal property are expected to drive new investment.

Table of Contents

01.Profile: Moffatt & Nichol takes lead in CA coastal 8

02.NGOs, foundations and federal agencies provide funding for 10

03.Living shorelines provide erosion control and shoreline 13

04.Green infrastructure increases in popularity as storm water management 17

05.The Nature Conservancy partners with frms to advance resilience 20

06.Profile: Arup improves resilience for NY and other coastal 23

07.Profile: Dewberry takes on sea level 26

08.Profile: Milone & MacBroom provides climate risk assessments and 29

09.Planning for coastal Northeastern 30

10.Profile: Stanley Consultants focuses on food 31

11.AquaFence gains traction in food product 32

12.Q&A: David Ford Consulting 34



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