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CCBJ Vol II No 06-07: Energy Efficiency & Demand Response

In this double-edition, CCBJ estimates the industry generated $52.6 billion in revenues in 2008. We explore the policy and market drivers that animate the EE/DR industry, paying particular attention to the emerging business models that have built DR services into a $370 million market from virtually nothing 10 years ago. We examine the strategies of utilities and their consultants to leverage DR and EE to mitigate climate change exposure and limit the growth of expensive peak generation. And we explore the strategies of consulting engineering firms, technology developers, energy service companies and other participants in this robust and dynamic market.

Inside this edition:

  • Venture and private equity investors had shied away from energy-efficiency investments due to concerns about the lack of IP and cumbersome utility purchasing cycles. The head of the California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF) explains why investors have changed their perspective and now view EE plays for utility-mediated markets in a favorable light.
  • Energy Service Companies and their financing partners have built a business of nearly $5 billion in 2008 largely by implementing EE measures for public and institutional entities. Now start-up firms are looking at how to deploy the ESCO model to commercial and industrial clients.
  • How did demand response grow from a gleam in a few visionaries' eyes to a $5.4 billion industry? CEOs from leading DR pioneers and planners with utilities and RTOs explain how it happened and what to expect next.
  • In profiles, consulting engineering firms SAIC and TRC Companies describe their strategies for delivering EE/DR services to utilities and large energy users.

Companies and Institutions:

Ameresco, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Black & Veatch, The Brattle Group, California Clean Energy Fund, Canyon Capital Realty Advisers, Citigroup, Comverge, Ember Corp, EnerNOC,, Johnson Controls, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Luminus Devices, Metrus Energy, New Energy Finance, Optimum Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric, PJM Interconnection, PUC of Ohio, Renewable Funding, Southern California Edison, ZigBee Alliance and more.



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