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CCBJ Vol III No 10-11: Annual Overview of the Climate Change Industry

After the demise of Kerry-Graham-Lieberman in the spring and the Republican rout in November, climate legislation has a snowball's chance in Canc¨²n of being passed by 2012. Yet the broader spectrum of drivers that propel business in CCBJ's climate change industry sustained modest 2% growth in 2009 and 2010 and look strong going forward.

Information technology is deeply woven into the fabric of the climate change industry, squeezing maximum energy efficiency out of building systems, enabling power grids to use more renewable energy, empowering corporations to manage their greenhouse gas emissions more efficiently, measuring carbon in forests and much more.

Inside this edition:

  • Low carbon power is the largest of the nine Climate Change Industry segments, with $133 billion in 2009 revenues. In terms of power sales, nuclear, hydroelectric and combined heat and power earn the largest shares by far. CCBJ coverage shows many positive trends for these and other core low-carbon power segments.
  • The public and policymakers are giving new respect to Hydropower as the industry targets opportunities to power thousands of unpowered dams and upgrade capacity at existing plants.
  • Biomass Power is expected to grow dramatically in many of the 38 U.S. states and territories with renewable energy standards or goals.
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP): Prospects are improving for "one of the most promising options in the U.S. energy efficiency portfolio."
  • Mature Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGE) industry has tapped about 70% of available resources, but developers and consultants see continued growth.
  • Company profiles of Bloom Energy, FuelCell Energy and UTC Power.
  • Biomass Heating: Equipment vendors, forest and farm researchers and economic development specialists are promoting biomass heating with new technology and incentives.
  • Energy Efficiency segment remains stalwart with help from the ARRA stimulus bill and state energy efficiency mandates.


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