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EBJ Vol XXII No 02: Natural Resource Management Markets

Natural resource projects accoutn for a growing 6.3% portion of the $27-billion environmental consulting business. This edition presents key growth categories, profiles of leading firms, market sizes and a ranking of the top 20 NRM C&E firms.

Table of Contents

01.Natural Resources Overview: Natural resources services benefit from a growing sophistication in the 1-3

02.Features: Natural resources work related to energy development chugs along, with delays in new projects; Urban ecology specialists take on projects to improve city environments; Federal guidance on wetlands delineation creates pockets of opportunity, confusion; Coastal zone restoration focuses on mitigation, habitat recovery, and increasingly, climate 4-9, 12-17

03.Q&As: WRI and partners develop methodology for linking business operations to ecosystem services; Native-plant nursery gives JFNew a full-service offering in ecological consulting and restoration; DEA stays busy as economy struggles; Aarcher keeps simple focus, achieves positive 9-12, 17-23


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