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EBJ Vol XXIV No 11: Environmental Consulting & Engineering Industry Review & Outlook 2011

EBJ's annual analysis of the environmental consulting & engineering industry details a $26.6 billion U.S. industry competing in a $53 billion global environmental consulting & engineering market. Following a 4% revenue decline in 2009, the environmental C&E industry had a rebound year of 2.2% growth in 2010, and indications suggest that 2011 will finish the year at close to 4% growth. Several market segments¡ªnotably energy & power and the extractive industries, in particular unconventional gas and oil in North America and mining in Canada, Australia, and South America¡ªare offering substantial opportunity, but the economy remains a major concern for C&E executives. In spite of declining and competitive markets, environmental consulting firms in general maintained their profitability, and M&A activity picked up in 2010 and 2011. EBJ¡¯s annual analysis of the C&E segment of the environmental industry presents data on market size, market breakdowns, growth, forecasts, benchmark perfomance and international revenues by size of firms, and also lists the top 60 U.S. environmental consulting & engineering firms with profiles of large and small.

Exhibits and data included in this issue are:

  • U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering vs. GDP
  • The U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering Industry: 2009-2011 By Media
  • Gross Revenue Performance of Environmental C&E Firms in 2009 and 2010
  • International Revenues of U.S. Environmental C&E Firms in 2010
  • Top 60 Environmental Consulting & Engineering Firms in 2010
  • Distribution of U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering Firms in 2010 by Size Categories
  • 2010 U.S. C&E Growth by Size Category
  • Growth & Profitability in Engineering/Consulting Firms (EFCG)
  • Consolidation of U.S. C&E Industry 1990-2010
  • Top 12 Firms in Global Environmental Consulting
  • Market Share by Services in Global Environmental Consulting
  • Regional Leadership in Global Environmental Consulting
  • Global Market for Environmental Consulting & Engineering
  • Environmental Market in Chile
  • Tetra Tech Gross Revenues in 2008-2011 ($millions)
  • 20 Representative Deals of Mid-Sized Consulting & Engineering Firms

Table of Contents

01.C&E Overview: Growth returns in 2010 and 2011 but the economy remains a major concern for C&E executives. The market rebounds to 3.6% growth in 2011 with a forecast of 4-5% in 2012 and 2013 paced by energy and resource 1-5

02.Small firms rachet back to a focus on client relationships to survive the downturn; Profiles of four firms show that flexibility may be their key 6-10

03.DOD accounts for 80-90% of federal energy consumption and has pledged 25% from renewables by 2025 with private firms playing a significant 13-16

04.Analysts continue to bemoan the plight of mid-sized firms, but survivors live to tell the tale of management creativity and playing their own game of M& 20-21

05.Profiles: Tetra Tech keeps pace in the top 5 with launch into global markets; Barr Engineering thrives with selective expansion and specialty expertise; Antea emerges as a new brand from Oranjewoud's acquisition of Delta; Sanborn Head & Associates keeps ahead of commodity pricing with strategic packaging; TerraneaPMC sprouts to $60 million in less than a decade with federal market 17-25



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