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EBJ Vol XXII No 03: Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability comes of age in the $27-billion  environmental consulting business as many industry sectors embrace more than just the conceot and execute CSR strategy.

Table of Contents

01.Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Overview: Sustainability services gain clarity, rank high in C&E firms' "strong market" 1-3

02.Features: Bottom line still drives sustainability initiatives, but motivation draws from broader themes; Banking industry's Equator Principles offer opportunities for environmental professionals; Remediation professionals turn to more sustainable cleanup 3-11

03.Profiles: Baxter International sets corporate-wide goals to focus long-standing sustainability commitment; Canon translates kyosei into CSR; Alcoa seeks to make bauxite mine in Brazil the most sustainable mining operation in the world; Sustainability is a core value of water projects for Sinclair Knight 11-16

04.Q&As: SSOE optimistic about sustainability; WSP sees sustainability becoming bigger; Geocycle experiencing good things, unsure if they'll last; Crystal Clean cautiously optimistic about 16-23


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