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EBJ Vol XXV No 06 & 07: Global Environmental Markets

EBJ's complete analysis of the global environmental market in 2012 includes a full quantification of the $866-billion global environmental market in 2011 by regions and by 14 segments, with forecasted growth for 2012. Regional reviews featuring interviews with leading business development executives of the largest global environmental consulting & engineering firms include more detailed breakdowns by nation, lists of leading C&E companies, and country snapshots of recent studies by EBI of Chile, Malaysia and Vietnam. Financing and project funding mechanisms are detailed in features about multilateral development banks and lending agencies.

Exhibits and data included in and with this issue are:

  • The Global Environmental Market by Region ($bil and growth)
  • The Global Environmental Market by Segment ($bil and growth)
  • Annual Growth Reported by Environmental Companies by Region
  • BRICS: Annual Growth and Share of Global Economy
  • Prominent Global M&A in Environmental Consulting & Engineering Industry
  • Decade of Growth in Electricity Production from Renewables
  • Client Sector Market Ratings: Global Environmental Markets 2012-2014
  • Clean Energy Investments in 2011 and 2004-Q1 2012
  • Latin America Major Infrastructure Project List
  • Top Australian Environmental C&E Firms
  • Share of African Economy by % of GDP in 2010
  • Africa Green Lending List
  • African Economic Growth Rates 2010-2013 (% change in GDP)
  • $17.5-Billion Middle East Environmental Market, 2011
  • Leading Global Environmental C&E Firms in the Middle East
  • The Global Environmental Market: Regions & Segments Matrix in 2010
  • The Global Environmental Consulting & Engineering Market $bil
  • Top Environmental C&E Firms in Canada
  • Xylem Revenues by Client and Geography in 2011

Table of Contents

01.The $866-billion global environmental market grew 4% in 2012 and 2011 amidst slow economic recovery in the developed world, but the global quest for resources and the need for supporting infrastructure spurs environmental growth 1-8

02.Mining and energy resources have global leaders flocking to Latin 8-14

03.Growth in Asia-Pacific cools but Australia still a strong base for 15-20

04.Africa’s status as new hub for resource development attracts 21-24

05.Companies weather unrest in Middle East; Interest in water and 24-26

06.Europe’s economy still unstable; but niches still open for environmental 27-30

07.From the sands to the mines to the Arctic, Canada offers market 31-33

08.Multilateral development banks still influential in water and now 33-37

09.Water Equipment Profiles; Aquatech and Xylem grow in emerging 37-39

10.Ex-Im Bank continues expansion of its program and ramps up on 39-41

11.Rio+20 meeting generally disappoints 41-43



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