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EBJ Vol XXVI No 02: The Future of Fracking - Unconventional Oil & Gas E&P in North America and Around the World

EBJ presents a detailed analysis and outlook of the evolving and still emerging market in hydraulic fracturing and "unconventional" oil and gas development with a focus on environmental services.

Exhibits and data included in and with this issue are:

  • 2002-2012 U.S. Annual Average Coal & Natural Gas Prices ($/MMBtu)
  • Growth in Share of U.S. Shale Gas Production (billion cubic feet)
  • 2013 Ranking of 32 Client Sectors for Environmental Firms
  • Environmental Industry Executives Believe That The Era of Cheap Natural Gas is Here to Stay... or At Least Until 2018
  • Top 10 Global Regions By Estimated Shale Gas Technically Recoverable Resources (trillion cubic feet)
  • European Shale Gas Development Regulatory Status
  • Biggest Challenges for Environmental Firms in the Shale Oil and Shale Gas Market
  • EBJ Survey: 2013-2014 Growth Rate for Environmental Services to Shale Oil & Gas Market (Mean growth is 12.5%)
  • Federal & State Regulations Governing Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil & Gas
  • Major Industries Benefiting from Unconventional Oil & Gas Activity in Producing States
  • Annual Capital Expenditures: Unconventional Oil & Gas Activity
  • Unconventional Oil & Gas Producing States: Top 10 Employment Contributions
  • Regional Production in U.S. Shale Gas: 2012 vs. 2012
  • U.S. Green Jobs by Sector

Table of Contents

01.Overview: Unconventional oil and gas development in North America has changed the energy balance on the continent and the shape of global markets, and has been the top growing market for the environmental industry for the last five years. Growth has slowed with supply driving down prices, but the future of fracking still looks 1-4

02.Features: Global markets open up, but lack the tools, services and infrastructure for rapid development; Fracking leads to a broad demand for a wide range of environmental services in North America as the business evolves and matures; Midstream clients investment, consolidate and blur the lines of traditional oil and gas divisions; Fracking regs vary widely by state and the feds are slow to act leading to unpredictable regional markets; Job and capital investment studies defend fracking from an economic 5-21

03.Profiles: Liberty Environmental, Heckmann Corp., Groundwater & Environmental Services, R360 Environmental Solutions, Omni Water Solution, DNV and Microseeps offer examples of the many ways to work the 22-31



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