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EBJ Vol XXVI No 10 & 11: Environmental Consulting & Engineering Industry Review & Outlook 2013

EBJ's annual analysis of the environmental consulting & engineering industry details a $28.8 billion U.S. industry in 2012 and $29.9 in 2013. Several market segments-notably oil & gas and the extractive industries in North America and mining in Canada and South America-are offering substantial opportunity, but the economy and government budgets remain major concerns for C&E executives. Environmental consulting firms in general maintained or increased their profitability in 2012, and M&A activity continues to pick up. EBJ's annual analysis of the C&E segment of the environmental industry presents data on market size, market breakdowns, growth, forecasts, consolidation, and also lists the top 100 U.S. environmental consulting & engineering firms. Featured profiles of large and small firms highlight strategies to cope with challenged markets and take advantage of new ones.

Exhibits and data included in and with this issue are:

  • U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering vs. GDP
  • Share of International Revenues Derived by U.S. C&E Firms
  • The U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering Industry: 2011-2013 By Media
  • The U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering Industry: 2011-2013 By Client
  • EFCG's Happiness Quotient: Internal Growth + Profitability
  • Top 5 U.S. Environmental C&E Firms, 1995-2012
  • U.S. Overall and Construction Unemployment Rates, 1951-2013
  • U.S. Construction Put in Place: Residential, Nonresidental and Nonbuilding
  • U.S. Construction Put in Place (value in $bil in current dollars)
  • Top Ten States In Spending, FY13 ($bil)
  • M&A Activity and Market Consolidation in ENR Top 500
  • Different Size Firms Dominate Different Market Segments
  • Post-Recession, How Policy Issues are Affecting Business
  • Client Sectors Most Impacted by the Great Recession
  • Sustainability Goals by Environmental Aspect

Table of Contents

01.C&E Industry Overview 2013: The U.S. environmental consulting & engineering industry grows 4% in 2012, and likely 2013 will finish at a similar rate, as growth in domestic energy is balanced by uncertainty in government programs. 2014 promises continued revival of property markets and some local government budgets, but firms remain competitive with better data and management tools to stay 1-4

02.Land & property development markets finally pick up steam in 5-9

03.State and local governments still struggle for 10-13

04.Death of mid-size firm imminent? New data says "not so fast".pg 14-16

05.How goes the recovery? Three executives check 17-20

06.CH2M HILL research identifies keys to sustainability 20-23

07.Management consultants look at diversity and new project 24-26

08.Profiles: Weston Solutions, Versar, SAIC/Leodis, RGA Environmental, Straughan Environmental, Parsons, Alta Environmental and Cape 26-37



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