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EBJ Vol XXVI No 12: The U.S. Water Industry

In spite of restricted funding, the $154-billion water industry is still a pretty decent business to be in. Growth has been between three and five percent the last few years and EBJ forecasts more of the same. In general utilities have grown revenues a bit faster than service providers based on rate increases as much as three times the Consumer Price Index, but little of that has trickled down to equipment manufacturers. EBJ presents its annual analysis of the U.S. water industry with data tables on the industry in 10 sub-segments. Interviews and comments by leaders and innovators in consulting & engineering, equipment manufacturing, investors, trade associations and analysts, complement market analysis and list of top companies from EBJ's databases of Water Equipment & Chemical companies.

Exhibits and data included in and with this issue are:

  • The U.S. Water Industry in 2013 ($mil)
  • The U.S. Water Industry, 2010-2013
  • Top U.S. Water Equipment & Chemicals (listed by global WE&C revenues in 2012)
  • Annual Change in Wastewater Rates for Average Residential Customer
  • Water Rate Structure Distribution
  • Two-Year Water & Wastewater Rate Increases vs. CPI
  • Top 10 Seawater Desalination Countries
  • Industrial Desalination Use by Industry Sector
  • Installed Desalination Capacity by Feed Water
  • Installed Desalination Capacity by Off-Taker
  • The U.S. Water Industry, 1993-2015 ($mil)
  • Respondents Reporting Exposure To Substantive Water-Related Risks

Table of Contents

01.Water Industry executives and advocates face a large but slowly growing industry of facility upgrades in a constricted market for financing new projects. No one doubts the needs, but the means and who pays mostly remains a case-by-case 1-4

02.Market Features: Utilities press ahead with rate increases but fear unfunded mandates of new 4-7

03.Desalination market rebounds in 2103 paced notably by an increase in industrial applications as major drinking water projects 8-12

04.Water rights marketing gets a boost with the rebound in 13-15

05.CDP and Deloitte complete a series of surveys on how global corporations perceive and manage water risk: Q&A with CDP’s head of 15-17

06.Profiles: XPV Capital, Black & Veatch, Aquilogic, IX Power CLean Water, O’Brien & Gere, Desalitech Weston & Sampson, Apex 17-27



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