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EBJ Vol XXII No 08: Environmental Testing Labs & Hazardous Waste Management Market Profiles

A detailed look at two key environmental industry service segments and the Resource Recovery segment.

Table of Contents

01.Overview: Laboratories & Hazardous Waste: Recovery stalls for core sectors of the environmental industry; recycling beaten but 1-5

02.Features: Solid 2008 for hazardous waste market, concern about waste volumes and the economy in 2009; Environmental laboratories: the more things change...; Plummeting prices batter recycled commodities, but direct recycling rates hold up; Converted Organics looks for profibility in food-waste 5-10

03.Q&As: Zurich:Hidden environmental exposures come with all products, not just hazardous materials; Feeling the effects of the recession but still increasing market 11-15


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