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EBJ Vol XXVII No 02: Air Pollution Control & Air Quality Markets 2014

EBJ's annual analysis of markets and trends in policy, business strategy and client sectors in the business of air pollution control equipment and air quality consulting & engineering. After a few years of slow gorwoth or a flat market, the air pollution control (APC) market is showing some signs of life in 2014. Makers of air pollution control equipment have opportunities to pursue, with Asia leading the way, while the United States provides a solid APC retrofit market in the power sector. Meanwhile the recent boom in U.S. oil & gas development has provided some work in air, and domestic industry is not far behind. Power generation remains the vast majority of APC sales, but the continuing growth of global coal consumption.

Exhibits and data included in and with this issue are:

  • Global APC Equipment Sales by Region 2017
  • Coal: % of US Electricity Generation 2000-2050
  • Coal: % of China Electricity Generation 2000-2050
  • 2011 Global Air Pollution Control Market by Equipment Type ($bil)
  • 2014 Expenditures on Global Base of Coal-Fired Power Plants
  • New Coal-Fired Boilers Starting up in 2017
  • Top U.S. Air Quality Environmental Consulting & Engineering Firms in 2012
  • Global SCR Sales in 2014
  • Global Trade in APC Equipment in $ Million: HS code 842139
  • NSPS Subpart OOOO Affected Facilities
  • NSPS Subpart OOOO Emission Standards
  • Global Coal Consumption by Region: 1965-2012

Table of Contents

01.Air Market Overview: Trends, Drivers and Market Data on the Global and U.S. Air Quality Equipment and Services Business; Asia Leads APC Equipment Growth as Coal Use 1-5

02.Commitments Should Boost Chinese Air 6-8

03.Oil and Gas Producers Facing Up to Air 9-12

04.EPA Stirs the Pot With New Regs on Power 12-14

05.Q&A with Thomas Stoner: Watch Investor Reactions on Carbon 15-16

06.Re-capitalized Trinity Consultants Mixes Acquisition Into Growth 16-18

07.Mercury Brings Benefits for Advanced Emissions Solutions; Next Up, 18-19

08.Anguil Environmental Continues Its International 19-20

09.Cambridge Entech Brings ESP to the Biomass 21



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