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EBJ Vol XXVII No 08 & 09: Environmental Industry Overview 2014

The U.S. environmental industry grew 0.7% in 2013, according to research and data compiled by Environmental Business International Inc., publisher of EBJ. The environmental industry’s total of $344.84 billion in revenues represents 2.81% of the gross domestic product (GDP) and EBI estimates environmental industry employment at 1.75 million in 2013. EBJ’s annual industry overview presents statistical summaries of the industry in multiple charts with revenues, growth, employment, number of companies, forecast and revenue breakdowns by client and type of project (see list of exhibits below). This 40-page edition features sections on three segments of the industry: labs, solid waste and resource recovery and a feature article on M&A activity from mega-deals to mid-sized acquirers and a comprehensive table of notable deals in 2014 thus far.

Exhibits and data included in and with this issue are:

  • Environmental Industry vs. GDP Growth: 1988 to 2013
  • U.S. Environmental Industry: Segment Growth vs. U.S. GDP
  • U.S. Value of Construction Put in Place ($mil): FMI data
  • The U.S. Environmental Industry: 2011-2013 and 2014-2016 Forecast
  • U.S. Environmental Industry: Revenues by Media by Segment in 2013
  • The U.S. Environmental Industry in 2013: Companies, Exports, Employment
  • U.S. Environmental Industry Revenues by Function in 2013
  • U.S. Environmental Industry: Revenues by Function from 1997-2013
  • EBJ 2014 Survey: Client Prospect Rankings
  • EBJ 2014 Survey: 2009-2015 Growth: Company vs. Segment
  • U.S. Environmental Industry Segments by Client Type ($bil)
  • Revenue Performance of U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering Firms in 2013
  • 2012-2013 ENR Top 200 Environmental Firms
  • The U.S. Environmental Industry by Decade 1970-2020 Revenue & Growth ($ Billions)
  • AECOM Acquisitions and Affiliate Companies
  • EFCG M&A Activity in E/C Firms: 2003 to 2013
  • Reasons M&A Transactions Have "Fallen Through"
  • Stock Pricing Multiples by Purpose of Value (ROG+Partners data)
  • Environmental Industry M&A Activity: January to August 2014
  • Top 30 Environmental Labs in 2013
  • U.S. MSW Generation 2012: EPA data
  • U.S. MSW Recovery 2012: EPA data
  • Organic Waste Diversion: Top 10 States
  • American Biogas Council 2014 Award-Winning Projects

Table of Contents

01.Environmental Industry Overview: EBJ’s overview and forecast for the $345-billion U.S. environmental industry with macro-trends and an array of data tables; Concerns that the dramatic fall in federal work in 2013 due to the shut-down and continued austerity will have a sustained effect on demand is balanced by continued growth in domestic energy and the return of property 1-6

02.M&A activity heats up in 2014 with mega-deals grabbing headlines; AECOM-URS shifts the rankings but will it reshape the industry or set off a new waves of deals? Case studies of mid-sized deals shows enough financial acumen and strategic rationale to indicate that not all marketshare gains will be limited to the top 7-17

03.Environmental Lab companies can’t quite shake the doldrums, but segment leaders find deals to be done and ways to stay 18-22

04.The Resource Recovery business is increasingly global and influenced by China; Food waste the final frontier in recovery; Updates on WMI and Republic 22-30

05.Profiles: Lenz Enterprises, Aquatic Informatics, SEARCH, First Green 30-34

06.Q&As with CEOs of small and mid-sized firms by advisor Steve Gido on their mid-year 35-39



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