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EBJ Vol XXIII No 04: Green Planning

A snapshot of the planning business, new opportunities developing in master planning and the implementation projects that ensue, and the companies that compete in the green and sustainable planning business.

Table of Contents

01.Green Planning Overview: The $3-billion planning business offers multiple entries for forward-looking consultants with a varying shades of green; The planning business is localized with local issues, politics and connections in both the sales process and project execution being paramount but there is noticeable scope for national and even international expertise in 1-2

02.Feature: Universities are a key client base for green plans; Well-endowed private universities, state-supported public institutions, and even community colleges with expanded roles in workforce development have been pushing the demand side for green 2-4

03.Feature: Professor William Lucy addresses how the mortgage crisis has affected cities, suburbs, and exurbs and the balance of demographics in each, and what effect will these trends have on the planning and design of sustainable 5-6

04.Feature: Greenroads initiative starting to set in asphalt; roadway design and construction are in transition as transportation professionals design highways, interchanges, and streetscapes with sustainability 7-8

05.Planning Practice and Firm Profiles: A mix of planning specialists and multi-disciplinary firms reflect the services and client categories in the sustainable planning business: Wallace Roberts & Todd, HOK, FXFOWLE Architects, Kimley-Horn, Solomon Cordwell Buentz, DLR Group, KlingStubbins, Dewberry, and Sasaki 8-18

06.Q&A: Black & Veatch¡¯s Dan McCarthy on the global water 19



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