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EBJ Vol XXIV No 01: Air Quality Markets 2011

EBJ's annual analysis of markets and trends in policy, business strategy and client sectors in the business of air pollution control equipment and air quality consulting & engineering. Although a host of new air quality programs of almost unprecedented breadth and scale are on tap for 2011 and 2012 from EPA, the threat of these programs has cast the major emitters into a waiting game in the USA, much to the chagrin of APC companies. Meanwhile global markets thrive as Asia builds out its power sector with adequate controls and Europe and the Middle East get their houses in order.

Exhibits and data included in this issue are:

  • A table of U.S. Air Quality Markets in the following segments for 2008-2010: Total Stationary Source: APC Equipment; Consulting & Engineering; Instruments & IT; Analytical Services; and Mobile APC Equipment; Vehicle Emissions Testing; Indoor Air Quality and the Total Air Quality Market.
  • The 2011 World Air Pollution Control Equipment Market by product type: Fabric Filter, FGD (Power), Scrubber/adsorber (non power), CEMS, NOx Control, Electrostatic precipitator, and Thermal/catalytic, plus listing of the top companies in each of these subsectors.

Table of Contents

01.Market Overview: Major emitters, and their consultants and APC equipment providers, await an uncertain schedule of new rules and regulations in the USA; Global markets hold up, with power development in Asia leading the 1-3

02.EPA rules poses significant challenges to old coal and the regulated 4-9

03.Biomass power gets reprieve from GHG regulations, but NESHAP 9-11

04.In U.S. climate change policy, it¡¯s all EPA - but states keep up the 11-14

05.Profiles: Alstom a leader in the increasingly competitive and global APC business; Dupont increases its stake in the environmental industry adding a sulfur play to its clean technologies platform; AdvantaClean a franchise model in 15-19

06.Q&As with EBJ¡¯s Environmental Industry Summit IX headliners Terry Tamminen and Jim Strock highlight policy, markets, investment and 19-22



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