EBJ Vol XXV No 04: Environmental Information


The Instrument & Information Systems segment of the U.S. environmental industry was $6.8 billion in 2011. The global market is estimated at close to $14 billion and 6% growth. EHS software vendors, IT firms, environmental consultants, energy management and accounting firms all compete in the dynamic market to provide information management solutions to corporations and government.

Table of Contents

01.Instruments & Information Overview: Global markets demand the tools of environmental analysis, but software and service providers face more inconsistent demand in this increasingly integrating $14 billion market.pg 1-4

02.Energy Management software has taken over the platform of carbon accounting and users start to view information systems as efficiency and productivity tools.pg 5-10

03.Water provides growing markets in all analytical and process applications.pg 11-13

04.California's AB 32 brings carbon management back into focus in the USA.pg 14-16

05.Information Profiles: Enablon, Locus Technologies, IHS and EarthSoft all find new niches in environmental information to augment EHS software platforms.pg 16-21

06.Instrument Profiles: Multi-billion-dollar leaders Thermo Fisher Scientific, Agilent Technologies and PerkinElmer pursue global expansion and acquisitions.pg 22-25



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