EBJ Vol XXVI No 04: Remediation Market 2013


EBJ's annual analysis of the remediation business in 2013 features market size, growth and forecasts by client sectors, trends in market drivers and technology applications, company profiles and features on brownfields, state programs and uncertain federal markets. Results of the EBJ Survey of Remediation Companies, Markets, and Technologies 2013.

Exhibits and data included in and with this issue are:

  • 2002-2012 U.S. Annual Average Coal & Natural Gas Prices ($/MMBtu)
  • U.S. Site Remediation Market 2009-2013 ($mil)
  • Rating of Client Markets in Remediation: 2013-2015
  • Rating of Project or Service Markets in Remediation: 2013-2015
  • Revenue Growth in Remediation: Company vs. Segment Response
  • Racer Trust Prime Industrial Sites for Redevelopment
  • Remediation Technologies Applied on Active Sites: 2004-2013
  • Department of Energy Budget by Organization ($ thousands)
  • Ranking of Market Drivers in Remediation Business in 2013
  • Remediation Bid Win Rates: 2009-2013
  • Site Characterization Methods
  • Remediation Contract Types in 2013
  • Remediation Contract Types: 2002-2013
  • Status of RCRA Corrective Action Sites in Pennsylvania
  • Florida Brownfields Program, July 2011-June 2012
  • Value of Sustainability in Remediation Project Life Cycle
  • Client Expectations of Level of Contractor Risk

Table of Contents

01.EBJ 2013 Remediation Market Review: Growth has picked up steadily since 2009 and the return of private markets is a welcome balance to concerns on the federal side.pg 1-3

02.Brownfields: Investors and developers are returning to impaired properties as the market recovers, bur state and federal programs are impacted by funding.pg 4-7

03.Globalization of mining takes environmental consultants abroad; Inventory of U.S. abandoned mine sites is long but remediation will be slow going.pg 8-11

04.Federal market is slowed by the sequester, but the pie is still large.pg 12-14

05.State programs in Pennsylvania and Florida press on.pg 16-19

06.Profiles: Haley & Aldrich advocates sustainable remediation, Terratherm takes its technology global, AMEC keeps remediation a key part of its global footprint, Weiss Associates finds service niches in a flat market, Paragon Environmental grows with full-service contracting and Group Delta adds remediation skills.pg 20-27



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