EBJ Vol XXII No 06: Global Markets in the Environmental Industry in 2009 - Focus on Asia


Interviews with executives developing environmental business across Asia augment EBJ survey rankings of top markets. Profiles of key markets in India, China, Australia and Malaysia.

Table of Contents

01.Overview: Asia may bounce back from downturn sooner than expected.pg 1-2

02.Feature: Independent of new treaty, Asia-Pacific nations take action on climate change.pg 3-6

03.Country Profiles: India pitches rapid economic growth on "creaking" infrastructure platform; Despite financial crisis, China continues to offer opportunity for environmental companies; Australia's environmental issues center on severe water stress; Recovery in Malaysia means resumed increase in pressures on environment and natural resources.pg 6-14

04.Q&As: Ex-IM Bank expands environmental support capacity into renewable energy; Singapore moves to cement leadership in water and environmental technology development.pg 14-19


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