EBJ Vol XXIII No 07 & 08: Environmental Industry Overview


EBJ presents its annual statistical breakdown on the 14 segments of the U.S. environmental industry with 2008 and 2009 revenues and growth. Survey results, survey opinions and interviews with executives identify growth areas in client categories and services, and the key challenges environmental industry executives face in the market today. A general segment overview is followed by dedicated reviews of the environmental testing, hazardous waste management and recycling/resource recovery segments. Features include a report on the BP oil spill cleanup and its possible impacts on the industry.

Table of Contents

01.Environmental Industry Overview: 11 of 14 segments decline in one of the worst economic years in history, but environmental industry only falls 1.3% to $305 billion, buoyed by renewable energy and water/wastewater services.pg 1-3

02.Beltway Bullets: EBJ's Man-in-Washington forecasts the mid-term elections and ramifications on energy and environmental policy.pg 4-5

03.Segment Feature: Environmental Testing Labs endure the down market but upgrade efficiencies; a top 20 list is included.pg 6-9

04.Segment Feature: Hazardous Waste Management companies suffer from loss of volume from manufacturing but find ways to add new services; Regulatory issue review from Environmental Technology Council.pg 10-14

05.Segment Feature: Recyclers ride commodity price cycles down in 2008-2009 and see some recovery in 2010; markets open up in organics recycling as food & yard waste become big business.pg 15-19

06.Niche Reports: Water automation and monitoring instrumentation offers big opportunity; U.K. environmental consulting market anticipates a modest recovery after a tough 2009.pg 19-23

07.BP Oil Spill creates billions in response and cleanup revenues for a flotilla of contractors and will create a lasting impression on the business.pg 23-26

08.Phylmar Group develops EHS Training Module for professionals in developing nations to support global consulting footprint.pg 26-27



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