EBJ Vol XXVII No 04 & 05: Natural Resources Management 2014


EBJ provides a comprehensive analysis of the Natural Resources Management segment of the U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering industry in this special 36-page edition. A market and trend overview characterizes the $2.4-billion U.S. market for NRM services as relatively stable in spite of concerns over federal spending, with a number of disctinct opportunities, mostly around the regulatory compliance needs of private project developers, whether in oil and gas production, power, linear development (pipelines and transmission lines), and coastal zone and other property development. The overview includes market breakdowns by client, historical growth figures and forecast, and survey results that shed light on types of ecosystems, drivers, outsourcing, typical project sizes by stages, and client buyer dynamics.

Features include projects and financing pouring out of the BP/Transocean settlement, the impact of Clean Water Act 316(b), various activities in a spread of federal agencies, NRM work in the mining sector, profiles of NRM leaders and an examination of the related Cultural Resources Management industry.

Exhibits and data included in and with this issue are:

  • U.S. Natural Resources Management Revenues: 1997-2013
  • Firms and Shares in the U.S. Natural Resources Management Industry
  • U.S. NRM C&E Revenues: Public vs. Private, 2004-2013
  • Top U.S. Natural Resources Management Consulting & Engineering Firms
  • CWA Section 316(b) Compliance Options
  • U.S. Commercial Fisheries Data (2012)
  • U.S. NRM vs. Total C&E Growth, 1995-2013
  • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Natural Resource Damage Assessment: Allocation of $1 billion early restoration agreement
  • Gulf Environmental Restoration Fund Payment Schedule, 2013-2018 ($mil)
  • Most Important Drivers of Habitat Restoration Projects in States
  • More or Fewer Habitat Restoration Projects in 2014?
  • Percentage of Habitat Projects Typically Outsourced by Agencies
  • Cost of Habitat Restoration Stages
  • Breakdown of Habitat Restoration Projects in 2014
  • Best Practices In Mining Reclamation Or What The States Want To See
  • Funding Sources for Government Agency Habitat Restoration Projects
  • Cost of a Typical Habitat Restoration Project by Stage
  • Habitat Restoration Projects: Small Company Outsourcing
  • U.S. Heritage Compliance Industry: Nominal & Real Growth $mil
  • U.S. Heritage Compliance Industry: Real Growth in %/year
  • Firms and Shares in the U.S. Cultural Resources Management Industry

Table of Contents

01.Natural Resources Management Market Overview: Growth has stagnated in NRM as federal agency budgets have eroded, but renewed development and growth in oil & gas and power balance out the market.pg 1-4

02.Fisheries experts await 316(b); Nations look to better manage fish resources.pg 4-8

03.Funds from BP/Transocean settlement start to flow to gulf restoration projects.pg 9-11

04.Government agencies look to new models in habitat restoration.pg 12-17

05.Market and economics drives reclamation in the mining industry.pg 18-21

06.Natural capital project measures ecosystem services and resource values.pg 22-25

07.Company Profiles in NRM: SWCA Environmental Consultants, Kleinschmidt Associates, Natural Resources Group, Ornicept, Mason, Bruce & Girard and The Westervelt Company.pg 25-32

08.Feature Q&As: Business challenges in the maturing Cultural Resources Management industry with Chris Dore, academic, executive and past association president; CRM leader SEARCH bucks the trend, growing federal practice and going abroad.pg 33-38



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