EBJ Vol XXVIII No 10 & 11: Environmental Consulting & Engineering Industry Review & Outlook 2014-2016


EBJ's annual analysis of the environmental consulting & engineering industry details a full statistical account of the $29 billion U.S. C&E industry in 2014, current figures for 2015 and an updated forecast for 2016. A market overview and the accompanying EBJ dataset in Excel format provides a market breakdown and forecast by client, media and service type and exhibits show geographic breakdowns and lists of top firms. After 2% in 2014, EBJ expects growth of 2.5-3% in 2015, and forecasts 3-4% for 2016. C&E firms have mostly maintained or increased their profitability in 2014-2015. M&A activity continues in 2015 after some record deals in 2014. Private equity investment is raising the bar in large and medium-sized firms. Features in this edition include an M&A trend review with highlight deals, a view from Washington on last-year regulation scenarios from the Obama Administration, how cities are tackling resilience and climate change adaptation, and profiles of key companies.

Exhibits and data included in and with this issue are:

  • U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering Industry 2004-15
  • Revenue Performance of U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering Firms by Size in 2013-2014 ($mil)
  • Revenue Performance of U.S. Environmental C&E Firms, 2009-2014
  • Consolidation of U.S. C&E Industry 1990-2014
  • Annual Size and Growth of U.S. C&E Industry: 1994-2015
  • Share of International Revenues Derived by U.S. C&E Firms
  • Share of Top 10 U.S. Environmental C&E Firms, 1995-2014
  • Average Annual Growth in Environmental Services Firms
  • Ranking of Environmental Industry Client Sectors in 2013-16
  • Top 50 U.S. Environmental C&E Firms in 2014
  • Engineering/Consulting Firm Internal Growth: Median vs. Weighted Average
  • Steady Growth in Profitability in Engineering/Consulting Firms
  • Beat & Worst Sector Outlook from EFCG Annual Surveys 2012-2015

Table of Contents

01.C&E Industry Overview: EBJ’s overview and forecast for the $29-billion U.S. environmental consulting & engineering industry shows 2-3% growth in 2014 and 2015, with private markets covering government decline and 3-4% growth expected in 2016. Industry fundamentals make the C&E sector attractive to private equity investors and acquirers.pg 1-5

02.Regulatory Report: James Rubin of Dorsey & Whitney sizes up scenarios for EPA’s Clean Power Plan, Waters of the US rules and the post-COP21 market.pg 8-9

03.Feature: Local governments take the lead on resilience and climate adaptation—or follow the lead of consultants like Kleinfelder, Arup, Stanley and others.pg 10-17

04.Profiles and Q&As: Weston recovers, regional players Northgate, Rincon Consultants and SGI lead the edge in development, remediation and water markets.pg 17-25

05.M&A Review: Private equity and strategic acquirers compete to make the industry’s top deal lists in 2015. Advisory firms Morgan Joseph TriArtisan, EFCG, ROG+ Partners and BGL highlight key transactions and what they mean.pg 26-33

06.Executive Q&A: Anne Massey of Amec Foster Wheeler offers perspective on strategy, markets, the rebound in government business and CCR work ahead.pg 34-38



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