EBJ Vol XXX No 01 & 02: Executive Review 2017 and 2016 EBJ Business Achievement Awards


EBJ's annual edition listing the EBJ Business Achievement Awards from the previous year and Q&As with key senior executives in the environmental industry. The detailed treatment of 50+ award winners provides a view into what separated successful companies, projects and technologies in the environmental industry in 2016. Winners are divided into business achievement by size, M&A, IT and new practice areas. Outstanding projects and new technology development or applications are awarded Project Merit Awards or Technology Merit Awards. Finally companies are recognized for contributions to the industry and society at large. Executive Q&As are presented with the following senior executives detail their market perspectives, strategic priorities, management initiatives, policy opinions and insights into their business and the industry.

Table of Contents

01.Glenn Fishler, President, BSI EHS Services and Solutions.pg 13

02.Terry F. Neimeyer, CEO and Chairman, KCI Technologies Inc.pg 16

03.Ramboll on onshore and offshore wind.pg 18

04.Christopher Leichtwei, President and CEO, North Wind Group.pg 20

05.Thomas A. Nowlan, Senior VP, and Timothy J. Barry, Senior VP, OBG.pg 21

06.Jerry Romagnoli, CEO, Abscope Environmental Inc.pg 23

07.Pam Hall, CEO, Curt Thalken, Senior VP and COO, Tim Brush, Senior VP, Normandeau Associates.pg 24

08.Stuart Adams, Project Manager, John Malueg, Manager of Resiliency Programs, and Vince DiCamillo, Sr. Principal, Environmental Services, Stantec.pg 27

09.Brian Batten, Senior Coastal Scientist; Mat Mampara, Associate Vice President and Mike Walsh, Executive Vice President, Dewberry.pg 30

10.Edgar Westerhof, National Director, flood risk & resiliency, and John Batten, Global Director, Water & Cities, Arcadis.pg 32

11.Chairman and CEO Sergio "Satch" Pecori, Hanson Professional Services.pg 33

12.September Myres, Founder, President and CEO, Sundance Consulting Inc..pg 37

13.David Richardson, Executive Director, Impax Asset Management.pg 39

14.Tetra Tech 'Leading with Science' in providing innovative technical solutions.pg 40



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Business Achievement Awards