EBJ Vol XXX No 05 & 06: Global Environmental Market 2017


EBJ's analysis of the global environmental market in 2017 includes a full quantification of the $1,160-billion global environmental market in 2016 by region and by 14 segments, with forecasted growth for 2017-2018. Regional commentary and business reviews featuring Q&As and interviews with leading executives of top environmental consulting & engineering firms provide perspective on markets and strategy. A regional focus on Africa as perhaps a last frontier of new business.

Exhibits and data included in and with this issue are:

  • The Global Environmental Market by Region ($bil and % growth)
  • The Global Environmental Industry and Market: Estimated Global Trade Flow: 2015
  • Global GDP vs. Global Environmental Market Growth
  • 2016 Global Environmental Market by Region
  • Global Environmental Market by Segment
  • Ratings of Environmental Stringency
  • Ranking of Global Environmental Client Markets in 2018-2019
  • 2015 U.S. Environmental Trade Balance
  • The Global Environmental Market by Segment: USA Share
  • U.S. Environmental Export Performance: 2010-2015
  • International Revenues of U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering Firms
  • The Global Environmental Consulting & Engineering Market in 2015
  • EBJ Survey: Ranking of Obstacles to Conducting Environmental Business Worldwide
  • EBJ Survey: How Environmental Companies Have Started Business in Foreign Countries
  • Non-US Share of Total Revenues by U.S. C&E Firms
  • Stantec Gross Revenues 2000-2015 ($mil)
  • Ramboll Group Gross Revenues in 2016 ($1.7 bil total; units in $mil)
  • Tetra Tech Gross Revenues 2012-2017* ($mil)
  • ARCADIS Gross Revenues 2013-2016 (€mil)
  • The African Environmental Market in 2016
  • Ranking of Global Environmental Markets by Region: 2017-2018
  • Ranking of Global Environmental Markets by Region: 2013-2017
  • Environmental Markets in the Asia-Pacific in 2016
  • Environmental Markets in Europe in 2016
  • Golder Associates Gross Revenues 2000-2015 ($mil)

Table of Contents

01.Global Market Overview: The imperatives of infrastructure investments and planning, building and networking the cities of the future color the strategic outlook for the global environmental industry. Previous international business development strategies of "follow the regulations", "follow the resources" and "follow the client" will not sustain market advantage for leading players in these new markets. EBI research concludes that the $1.16 trillion global environmental industry that grew 3.5% in 2016 with developing markets still pacing growth, and the forecast calls for 3-4% annual growth as regional and energy & resource markets gain more secure footing.pg 1-7

02.Stantec makes a major leap forward as a global player and in construction services with the acquisition of MWH in 2016.pg 8

03.Ramboll takes on challenging markets in remediation, infrastructure, oil & gas and climate adaptation with Ramboll Environment and Health in pivotal role.pg 12

04.Phylmar Group relies on global network to compete above its weight.pg 15

05.Tetra Tech builds global practice off Coffey acquisition.pg 17

06.Arcadis expands with global expertise and local market insight, leveraging business advisory practice and global project delivery system.pg 19

07.Anthesis finds demand for its specialist business model across global markets.pg 22

08.Ivey International works relationships for global sales of surfactant technology.pg 26

09.Africa promises a breadth of opportunity and risk for consultants.pg 27

10.GHD client focus and acquisitions line up for infrastructure markets.pg 36

11.SCS Engineers takes solid waste expertise around the world.pg 39



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