EBJ Vol XXIV No 10: The Water Industry


EBJ presents its annual analysis of the $136-billion U.S. water industry. Interviews and comments by leader and innovators in consulting & engineering, equipment manufacturing and supply and analysts, complement results of EBJ surveys and market analysis from both EBJ's databases of Water Equipment & Chemical companies and Consulting & Engineering firms.

Exhibits and data included in this issue are:

  • The U.S. Water Industry 1993-2011 ($mil)
  • ENR's Top Water Companies in 2010 ($mil)
  • The U.S. Water Industry, 2009-2011: Size and Growth in 10 Segments
  • Top U.S. Water Equipment & Chemicals (listed by global WE&C revenues in 2010)
  • EBJ's Top 20 U.S. Water C&E Firms in 2010
  • Top Desalination Markets (mil m3/day of new capacity)
  • Global Desalination Market (mil m3/day of new capacity)
  • Water Rights Prcing Trends
  • AECOM Annual Revenues 2005-2010 ($thousands)

Table of Contents

01.Water Industry Overview: Despite financial woes and uncertain funding, market drivers converge to promise a future of fairly consistent growth for the water industry. Projects emphasize cost and efficiency and vendors compete in a demanding market for value-added services and technology.pg 1-3

02.Features: Water reuse more than a viable option in TX, CO and CA (p.4); Growth in global desalination market is strong but lumpy as big projects dominate (p.7); Market for water rights impacted by changing rates, user terms and property markets (p.9); M&A activity picks up in equipment & chemicals (p.12); COO of leading water utility advocates new federal funding act (p.13).pg 4-14

03.Profiles: MWH Global, AECOM and WS Atkins; Equipment firms Environmental Operating Solutions, APTwater and Drake Water Technologies.pg 16-22



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