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EBJ Vol XXVIII No 09: Environmental Industry Overview 2015

The U.S. environmental industry grew 3.9% in 2014, according to research and data compiled by Environmental Business International Inc., publisher of EBJ. The environmental industry's total of $353.7 billion in revenues represented 2.82% of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) in 2014, and EBI estimates environmental industry employment at 1.74 million in 2014. EBJ's annual industry overview presents statistical summaries of the industry in 14 segments with multiple charts with revenues, growth, employment, number of companies, forecast and revenue breakdowns by client, media and function. This 32-page edition features a section on environmental labs, a review of EBI's first Washington DC Fall Summit, and profiles of 15 companies.


EBJ Vol XXVIII No 07 & 08: Sustainability, Resilience & Climate Adaptation

This special 50-page edition of EBJ, leveraging research done by sister publication Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ), focuses on the climate change adaptation industry as defined by CCBJ and all the companies engaged in providing services, management, technology and supplies to a broad swathe of clients being impacted by and preparing for climate change. Climate change adaptation is one of smallest but faster growing of the 9 segments in the $330-billion U.S. and $1,590-billion global Climate Change Industry in 2014, and EBI estimates a $830 million U.S. and $2.48 million global climate change adaptation market in 2014.


EBJ Vol XXVIII No 05 & 06: Environmental Information Management 2015

The Instrument & Information Systems segment of the U.S. environmental industry was $6.34 billion in 2014 and grew 5%, but for providers of specialty environmental information systems, software and services, growth is expected to exceed 10% in 2015. EHS software vendors, IT firms, environmental consultants, energy management and accounting firms all compete in the dynamic market to provide information management solutions to corporations and government, and industry leaders and innovators are profiled in this special edition of EBJ. Results from the Environmental Business Journal Environmental Information Systems & Services Survey 2015 that size, break down and forecast the market in numerous dimensions are presented along with recent perspective and survey results from Verdantix, NAEM and Donley Technology.


EBJ Vol XXVIII No 04: The U.S. Remediation Industry 2015

The conventional wisdom about hazardous waste cleanup - that the job would be done within the foreseeable future, that the roster of contaminated sites would shrink to nothing, that cleanup programs would "sunset" - has never been entirely accepted within the environmental industry. Just when it seems a horizon might appear, new sites from America's industrial legacy are found, new contaminants emerge, and jobs become more complex, so the remediation business rolls on. This edition features EBJ's analysis of the remediation business in 2015 will market size, breakdowns, growth and forecasts by client sectors, trends in technology applications, service and technology company profiles and features on brownfields, contract vehicles and sustainable remediation. Results of the EBJ's 2015 Survey of Remediation Companies, Markets, and Technologies highlight key trends, allow benchmarking and support market planning.


EBJ Vol XXVIII No 03: The U.S. Water Industry 2015

EBJ presents its annual analysis of the $160-billion U.S. water industry with data tables on the industry in 10 subsegments. Interviews and comments by leaders and innovators in consulting & engineering, equipment manufacturing, trade associations and analysts, complement market analysis and list of top companies in Water Equipment & Chemicals companies. Water industry themes of curmbling infrastructure, water scarcity, funding and real pricing have remained pretty much the same in recent years, but just change color a bit, along with the numbers and the ebb & flow of funding for projects.


EBJ Vol XXVIII No 01 & 02: Environmental Industry Outlook 2015 and EBJ Annual Snapshot Survey

EBJ provides data on 2014 growth rates in environmental service segments and a forecast for 2015-2016, based on a comprehensive survey of 140 environmental industry executives. At the end of the first quarter of 2015, the outlook for the U.S. and the global economies has uncertainties and volatility to concern environmental firms. The strengthening economic recovery in the United States has been welcome, but it has come with a dramatic drop in oil prices and-as good as that it has been for consumers-a subsequent curtailment of capital investment in new resource development. EBJ's 2015 Snapshot Survey revealed average growth of their segment of 3.9% in 2014, compared to 3.7% projected for 2014 by survey respondents one year earlier. Respondents are projecting mean growth of 6.9% for their company in 2015, up from 6.1% one year earlier.


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