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EBJ Vol XXVI No 07 & 08: Environmental Industry Overview 2013

The U.S. environmental industry grew 4.7% in 2012, according to research and data compiled by Environmental Business International Inc., publisher of EBJ. EBJ's annual industry overview presents statistical summaries of the industry in multiple charts with revenues, growth, employment, number of companies, forecast and revenue breakdowns by client and type of project (see list of table below). This 48-page edition also features sections on three segments that don't have a complete EBJ edition devoted to them in 2013: haz waste, labs and recycling. The environmental industry's total of $343.3 billion in revenues represents 2.85% of the gross domestic product (GDP) and EBI estimates 2012 U.S. environmental industry employment at 1.73 million. Environmental industry growth has exceeded the GDP every year this century with the exception of 2010.


EBJ Vol XXVI No 05 & 06: Corporate Sustainability and Sustainability Consulting

EBJ's annual analysis of the state of Corporate Sustainability and the Sustainability Consulting business in 2013 features estimates of market size, and marketshare by key service providers. Trends in market drivers, corporate programs, reporting requirements and supported by survey results, interviews with experts and profiles of key sustainability consultants.


EBJ Vol XXVI No 04: Remediation Market 2013

EBJ's annual analysis of the remediation business in 2013 features market size, growth and forecasts by client sectors, trends in market drivers and technology applications, company profiles and features on brownfields, state programs and uncertain federal markets. Results of the EBJ Survey of Remediation Companies, Markets, and Technologies 2013.


EBJ Vol XXVI No 03: Environmental Industry Outlook 2013 - EBJ's Annual Snapshot Survey

EBJ presents detailed results of its annual survey of environmental companies and interviews executives on key trends in markets, clients, regulatory drivers and the general economic picture. Summary tables are presented on growth and profitability in 2008-2012 with a forecast for 2013-2014. Companies also rate client sectors, service categories and U.S. and global geographic regions based on their recent performance and prospects for growth. Responses to open-ended questions on market challenges, management issues and government policy are also presented. Leading firms like AECOM and CH2M HILL are interviewed as well as several small to mid-sized firms competing in the market.


EBJ Vol XXVI No 02: The Future of Fracking - Unconventional Oil & Gas E&P in North America and Around the World

EBJ presents a detailed analysis and outlook of the evolving and still emerging market in hydraulic fracturing and "unconventional" oil and gas development with a focus on environmental services.


EBJ Vol XXV No 12: Executive Review and 2012 EBJ Business Achievement Awards

EBJ's annual edition listing the 2012 EBJ Business Achievement Awards and Q&As with key senior executives in the environmental industry.


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