Report 2020B: U.S. Environmental Industry Overview


Report 2020B: U.S. Environmental Industry Overview (updated June 2017) is Environmental Business International Inc.'s comprehensive 270-page summary of the U.S. environmental industry, quantifying 14 segments, including revenues, number of companies, jobs, exports, top firms and trends. Illustrated with no less than 217 exhibits, the report provides historical analysis, annual trend summaries and growth projections for each segment. Comprehensive survey results are also includes.

Report 2020B presents EBI's definition and segmentation of the industry, in addition to year on year business reviews of the U.S. environmental industry's and its 14 segments. EBI has been analyzing and tracking the environmental industry since 1987 and was the first to define the environmental industry in a full quantitative manner. In the absence of accepted Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes for environmental companies, EBJ's segmentation and quantification of the environmental industry has been adopted by the U.S. Department of Commerce and used as the basis for industry classification by OECD and numerous other government and private sector sources.

Each segment in this executive report is characterized in terms of range of products & services offered; market size, including historical and projected growth; number of companies participating; and a list of top firms in comparative time periods. EBI's methodology for market quantification has been annual surveys of revenues generated by companies, broken down three or four different ways such as by customer, by product/service, by media, and by geographic region. Each year, EBJ compiles revenue information on over 1,300 environmental companies and public-sector entities generating commercial environmental revenues as the basis of its primary research.

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