Segment and Market DataPacks

Environmental Consulting & Engineering Market DataPack

EBI's U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering Market DataPack (updated January 2017) is an excel format workbook with 27 spreadsheets of market data and company and share lists of C&E firms ranked by market categories. The 2017 C&E Data package includes US and global Environmental Consulting & Engineering industry and market data tables with final annual figures included for 1994-2015, interim 2016 data and a forecast out to 2018. The top 640 U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering firms are listed in one sheet with 2014 and 2015 total gross, environmental C&E revenues and environmental construction revenues for each firm, along with a brief descriptive profile.


Global Environmental Market DataPack

The data package (updated August 2017) includes data tables for global environmental markets, with market size, annual growth and forecasts for every significant national market. EBI's global analytical model incorporates survey data, company revenue data, economic data, resource production and manufacturing output data and the EBI-OECD Index of Environmental Stringency. Detailed national market studies augment the global market model estimates and forecasts.


Remediation Market DataPack

The Remediation Market DataPack (updated October 2016) is a 11-tab spreadsheet workbook including market sizes, forecasts and detailed output from EBI's remediation market model derived from EBI's database of remediation companies, annual survey results, interviews with companies, experts and analysts. The downloadable file also includes a list of the top 160 remediation companies in 2013 and survey results and opinions.


U.S. Environmental Industry DataPack

The data package (updated January 2017) includes data tables for the U.S. environmental industry in all 14 segments. (Some of the tables contain unpublished data, available only in this package.)


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