U.S. Environmental Industry DataPack


The data package (updated January 2017) includes data tables for the U.S. environmental industry in all 14 segments. (Some of the tables contain unpublished data, available only in this package.)

  • Data US01: U.S. Environmental Industry Revenue, 2006-2016e: U.S. environmental industry annual revenue for the years 2006 - 2015 in each of the 14 environmental industry segments. Also, projected growth rates for 2016-2018 or 2020.
  • Data US02: U.S. Environmental Industry by Decade, 1970-2020e: U.S. environmental industry annual revenue for the years 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010 and 2020 and 10-year growth rates for each decade in each of the 14 environmental industry segments.
  • Data US03: Growth of the U.S. Environmental Industry vs. the U.S. Economy, 1970-2016e: U.S. Environmental Industry annual growth rates compared to "chained" U.S. GDP growth in table and graphic form.
  • Data US04: U.S. Environmental Industry Historical & Projected Revenues by Segment: The complete set of annual historical (1970-2015) and projected (2016e-2020) market size in each of the 14 environmental industry segments. Also included is a comparison of "core environmental services", "water & waste segments", and the U.S. gross domestic product in graphic and tabular format, and a comparison of services, equipment and resources in tabular form.
  • Data US05: U.S. Environmental Industry Revenue by Media, 2015: Quantification of market size and revenue generation by media (air, water/wastewater, hazardous waste, remediation, solid waste, multimedia) in each of the 14 environmental industry segments.
  • Data US06: U.S. Environmental Industry Revenue by Function, 2015: A table of market size and revenue generation by environmental function segment (Compliance/Pollution Control/Remediation, Environmental Infrastructure/Operation & Maintenance, and Resource Productivity) in each of the 14 environmental industry segments. This table captures what portion of the environmental industry's revenues are 'finite' in the sense that they will not be in demand in the future, compared to more stable and higher growth areas.
  • Data US07: U.S. Environmental Industry by Revenue Generator & Revenue Source: U.S. environmental industry revenue by business type (public/private) and client type (public sector/private sector/IndustrialCommercial/ Other) in each of the environmental industry segments for 2015.
  • Data US08: U.S. Environmental Industry Profile from 2005-2015: Number of companies, employment, export and dollars in revenue per employee in each of the 14 environmental industry segments.
  • Data US09: U.S. Environmental Industry in 2015 by Number of Companies and by Revenues: Number of companies and revenue data for the 14 environmental industry segments, divided by small businesses, big businesses, and municipalities.
  • Data US10: Top companies listed by revenues in that segment for six segments

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